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is a French entrepreneur,chef,author 

and entertainment talent:

Foodie and Chef Natacha Mannhart first started cooking at five years old with her mother and grandmother in France. After receiving her culinary degree at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, she began her career in the hospitality industry, cooking alongside some of the most prestigious French Chefs and managing restaurant teams in five-star hotels in France and in the UK for 15 years.

In 2006, Nat moved to Los Angeles to pursue her other interests in food, health, lifestyle, and entertainment. 

She successfully created her own production company, P7 Productions, which will produce her upcoming live-streaming cooking show. 

Her mission: integrating excellent food preparation with a healthy diet and proper nutrition in a simple and fun way that anyone can follow.

She is also currently working on a multi-media project to provide her research results and recommendations aimed at promoting healthy living and happiness.


 My Mission


To guide you along the way by showing you how to prepare delicious meals 

that will promote your health.

What matters is what you eat and how you prepare it.

In each class, we’ll discuss the best documented research and 

evidence of what foods best support you and how to prepare them.

Listen to your body. It is designed to respond favorably to a healthy diet. 

If you are feeling better, you are getting more of the right thing.

My approach is to help you prepare foods you will enjoy eating and 

which will leave you feeling better!

  • Did you know that if you become healthy, your body can prevent disease in the first place, as well as cure disease in late stages,even the serious, chronic ones?
  • Did you know that becoming healthy is as easy as changing your diet
  • Did you know that if you become healthy, you will look and feel better?
  • Did you know that healthy food can taste fantastic?










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