Angels In The Kitchen--In Home Services, Juicing and Healthy Meals Preparing in the comfort of your home:

As a private chef, I understand the link between good food and good health. Buying fresh, healthy ingredients and knowing how to prepare them in a healthy way that tastes great is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of knowledge and hard work.  

That’s why I started Angels in the Kitchen. I want to help people who believe that healthy food can stop—and even reverse---chronic diseases. People who are committed to this approach but who need help executing it. 

Health start at home, looking for health in all the wrong places.


Your Weekly Angel

$ 499 USD

Your Angel is coming to your kitchen to provide you with healthy juices and light meals designed to your particular needs and tastes. The dishes would be based on a Meditarrean or Paleolithic diet. We will discuss the menu together every week or you can let us figured that out for you. The price of the Grocery shopping will be billed separatly on a weekly basics. We will send an email with a link to pay the groceries directly.

Your Monthly Angel

$ 1800 USD

Grocery not including

Your 3 Months Angel

$ 5500 USD

Grocery Not Incluted


Your 6 Months Angel

$ 11000 USD

Grocery Not Incluted

Your Yearly Angel

$ 23000 USD

Grocery Not Incluted





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