My Cooking Style:

Mediterranean, French country style with strong influences from Alsace

where I grew up, and Provence, where I cooked professionally. Built on 

a foundation of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish, the Mediterranean 

diet has been associated with everything from increased longevity to reduced 

cancer risk.


I prefer to start with the best foods I can find, which means fresh, local, 

seasonal, and whole food Organic Farmers’ Market ingredients for my dishes 

to be health-conscious and tasty.


I prepare my meals using low temperature cooking so that high heat does 

not destroy the nutrients, enzymes and minerals, and I cook on a surface 

that does not contaminate the food. I do not use non-stick cookware or a 



I can create a Gastro-Chic, “Like-In-France Experience,” with French 

cocktails and Platter Service, and conversation and presentations about 

French wines, cheeses, cooking and travel.


I can customize my dishes to your preferences, as well as adapt them for 

special diets and needs.


My Culinary Experiences:


I first started cooking at five years old with my mother and grandmother 

in France. After receiving my culinary degree at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, 

I began my career in the hospitality industry, cooking alongside some of 

the most prestigious French Chefs. I managed restaurant teams in five-star 

hotels in France and in the UK for 15 years, such as Lenôtre in Paris; 

the Carlton Intercontinental in Cannes; The Capitol (Two Michelin Stars

Restaurant) in Knightsbridge, London; the Hotel Bel-Air and The Peninsula 

Hotel in Beverly Hills.

My Three Favorite Ingredients:

I can’t limit myself to only three :) Here’s a short list of ingredients 

I use all the time to create the taste of France: 

Fresh Herbs, Lemon, Spices, Garlic, Crème Fraiche, Cheeses, French Wines,

Charcuterie, Baguette, Fresh Seafood, Organic Flavored Olive Oils, Thyme,

White Truffle Oils.


Menus I Once Served:

In Nice, France, I once worked at the European Union Summit, which included 

an event for 10,000+ guests. I personally served French President 

Jacques Chirac a Menu including:

·   Foie Gras poêlé, Fig Compote, colored onions, 

·   Wild Salmon Trio with Mixed Baby Spring Vegetables, 

·   Tournedos of Beef in Wild Forest Mushroom, 

·   French Strawberry and Chocolate Sponge Cake.

With Wine Parings, Tea/Coffee and Mignardises.


In Buckingham Palace, I assisted for a party organized by the Queen 

of England for a Charity Event. It was a Nine Course Degustation Menu 

with Wine Pairings and Fireworks afterward.


In LA, I cooked and served Celebrity Chefs such as Gordon Ramsey, 

Anthony Bourdin, Bernard Loiseau,  and many Hollywood A-List Celebrities,

Actors and Producers, such as Steven Spielberg, Arnold Schwartzenegger, 

Nicole Kidman, Sylvestor Stallone, Carrie Bradshaw,Kristin Davis, 

Georges Clooney, etc...


Example Menus:


I am available to create menus for 1-15 guests, for parties, networking 

events and special occasions, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 

Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Holidays, etc.


Sample Items by Meals:



·     Mini French Quiches with Ham and Onions

·     Omelette Basquaise (Mixed French Vegetables)

·     Spanish Style Eggs, Potatoes and Onions

·     Croissants and Pastries Assortment

.     French Baguette with Butter, Home- Made Marmalades and Preserves

.     Organic Coffee/Tea

.     Freshly Squeezed Juices (Grapefruit, Kiwi and Orange)

Wine Parings:



  Champagne & Blood Orange Juice

  Vodka Shot

  Vodka & Spicy Tomato Juice




·       Shrimp Cocktail and California Avocado

·       Moules Marinieres with Organic Baby Arugula Salad

·       Caviar Eggs and Fresh Grilled Asparagus

·       Daurade Croute De Sel/Hawaii—Steamed Potatoes 

        With Parsley, Brown  Butter, 

        Provencal Stuffed Tomatoes, 

        Lemon Wedges (10 peoples max)

·       Salad Niçoise

·       Smoked Salmon Platter

·       French Dessert Samples, Mini- Eclairs, Fruits 

        "Tartelettes", French Macarons

·       Seasonal Fresh Fruits Salad with Calvados

Wine Parings:



  Sauvignon Blanc






·       Fresh Crab Cakes with Hot Lime and Sour Sauce 

·       Endive Gratin, Swiss Gruyere and Ham

·       Grilled Octopus with Celery Salad

·       Baby Tomatoes, Smoked Mozzarella And Marinated Basil Oil

·       Grilled Salmon with Organic Mixed Greens, 

        Fresh Italian Herbs Dressing

·       Clams Pasta Summer White Wine and Garlic Sauce

·       Juicy Turmeric Scallops and Linguini in Open Shells,

·       Pastis Flamed Fish Trio with Ratatouille Provençale 


Wine Parings:


  Pinot Grigio

  Rose de Provence

  Pinot Noir


Happy Hour:

      Kir Royal--Your Choice of French Champagne 

      or White Wine with French Blueberry liqueur


      French Caribbean-Antillean Islands, 

      “Ti'Punch”- Mix Rhum Agricole, Squeezed Lime Juice,

      Cane Syrup


      Red and White Martini & Rossi on the Rocks

      Pastis/Ricard Aperitif Liqueur

      Domestics And Imported Beers

      Vinho Verde




Small Bites:


·       Baguette Crostini Red/Yellow/Green Smoked Pepper

        Salad, Melted Goat Cheese and Truffle Oil

·       French Cheese Board Assortment 

·       European Tapas Style Tasting Platter Sampler --

        Smoked Salmon, Grilled Asparagus Celeriac Sticks

        Charcuterie Assortment, Tomato Basil "Tartines", 

        Olives, Antipastis.

·       Chicken Croquettes

·       Crispi Chicken Legs French Mustard 

·       Spanish Tapas Party






·       Bay Scallops Ceviche (Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onions, 

        Lemon Juice, Cilantro, and Hot Peppers-Optional)

·       Mussels in White Wine, Garlic & Chives

·       Salad Niçoise 


Main Courses:

·      "Duck Platter"—Duck Soup Chinese Style in a Cup, 

       Smoked Duck Breast with Baby Green Mix Salad, 

       Marinated Duck Wings

·      Stuffed Tomato (Vegetarian or Meat)

·      French Onion Soup Gratinee Emmental Swiss Cheese

·      Snails With Garlic Butter and Creamy Polenta

·      Choucroute Royale-Braised Sauerkraut 

       or Wine Braised Seafood Sauerkraut 

·      Creamy and Cheesy Mash Potatoes 

·      Trou Normand--A Little Shot Glass of French Calvados between 

       Main Course And Dessert 

·      Couscous party

·      Ultimate Paella party

·      Filet Mignon, Creamy Spinach, Oven Backed Potato

·      Whole Sea Bass Baked in Salt Crust

·      Red Snapper Papillote Herbes De Provence




·       Chocolate Cake

·       Bananes Flambées

·       Vanilla Ice Creams Dark Cocoa Powder, Flavored with Brandy 

·       Silky Old-School Chocolate Mousse

·       Fresh Fruit Salad with Dark Rum


Wines, Cocktails and Spirits Parings:

  Iced Tea Infused with Fresh Mint

  Fresh Orange Juice, Lime and Cinnamon 

  Sparkling Water & Lemon, Lime Slices



  Burgundy (Red)




  Cabernet Sauvignon





  Eaux de vies





Any item from Menu, choice of Three Starters, Three Main Courses and Three Desserts.

Your Choice of Wine, Beer, Alcohol and Soft Drinks.

Picnic, Al Fresco:


·     Cold Rice (or Pasta) Salad with Olive Oil Tuna, 

      Tomatoes and Grilled peppers

·     Cheese Board Assortment with Dry Nuts and Figs  

·     Green and Black Olives Samplers

·     Marinated Mushrooms on Toasts

·     Shrimp and Seafood Mix in Crunchy Corn Shell 

      With Lime And  Cilantro

 ·    "La Brochette" Tender Chicken Legs with Thai Peanut Sauce

 ·    French Grandmother Style Potato Salad

 ·    Tomato and Mozzarella Salad 

      with Fresh Basil 

      Vinaigrette  Dressing

 ·    Fresh Fruit Salad Mix with Grand Marnier


Wine, Beer, Lemonade and Homemade Ginger Ale.

*All Alcohol will be billed and charged separately by our supplier(s). 

We will discuss your options and needs during the initial interview. 


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