Marketing says cosmetics are good for the skin but people are unaware that they contain toxic chemicals that are absorbed by the skin and destroy organs as well as the skin itself. What makes this process particularly dangerous is that the harmful results occur over time so there is no immediate bio-feedback letting people know they are being poisoned.  Even worse, some of the products are addictive, ensuring repeated, long-term use until it’s too late. 

The use of synthetic instead of natural products results in a lower cost and higher profit margin. The lack of regulation allows manufacturers to use all kinds of toxic chemicals. If you read the labels, you probably won’t understand what many of the ingredients are because they are created in a laboratory.



Body Care:

Lotions, moisturizers, anti-wrinkle creams, shaving creams, and sunscreens-- even the most expensive ones—often contain chemicals from Laurel Sulfate family that is highly carcinogenic. Many contain chemicals from the Paraben family, linked to breast cancer; the DEA family, linked to cancers; the formaldehyde family, linked to immune dysfunction.



Sunscreen Products:

Toxic sunscreen products threaten human health, DNA and reproductive systems. Commercial sunscreens should never be used.

Most commercial sunscreens found in stores and supermarkets do not actually protect the skin from the UV damage of the sun. You can still get melanoma and skin cancer from heavy and frequent exposure to the sun.
Applying sunscreen on your skin decreases the production of vitamin D of your skin. Deficiency in vitamin D leads to skin premature aging. What it means is that sunscreen could actually give you skin cancer.

Sunscreens may include Oxybenzone, which is commonly associated with allergic reaction and a hormonal disruptor that can lead to cancers.
Methoxycinnamate is also a hormone disruptor that has estrogenic effects in women linked to breast cancer. In men, it results in a low sperm count and a disruption the testosterone level. In children, it causes precocious puberty and hormonal imbalance.

Another ingredient a bit less popular these days, but could still be found in your sunscreen is PABA, which has been linked to skin allergic reaction, liver hepatitis, skin damage, and skin cancer.

To receive the benefits of Vitamin D from the sun, short exposures are recommended before noon or late in the afternoon.



Feminine Hygiene:

Tampons are made from genetically-modified cotton. This gives allergic reactions and infections. Have you read the label? It warms of the possibility of an allergic reaction that can cause death.

Some feminine pads contain a highly toxic liquid that reacts to blood. This results in a fungus that causes bladder infections and cancer of the uterus.

Talc is linked to ovarian cancer, if used on the genitals. Soft cloths, wipes also contain Mineral Oil, a petroleum derivative you should not apply on your skin, period.

A word on scented products versus unscented: use unscented because it will not contain as much of the dangerous toxins.



Other Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs):

EMF is radiation and it is invisible to us, a very good reason to become aware of them. They are linked to the use of electricity and lighting.

The use of wireless devices, such as wireless routers, radio and TV satellite transmissions, power lines and antennas, means that we can’t entirely escape them. Utility companies are now using “smart meters” to more easily read your meter while exposing you to a level of radiation. If you live in an apartment building or densely populated city, your exposure is going to be high.

X-rays carry the highest frequencies and are very dangerous. You should be very certain that the benefits exceed the risks when your doctor or dentist recommends them.

Airports are using full body radiation as means of security. Instead of the short exposure, they now require a three-minute dose to see what is on your body.

Remote controls use infrared radiation to enable you to surf TV or internet channels. TVs and computers emit levels of dirty electricity.

Electric kitchen appliances each radiate you. Being near a microwave will give you gigawatts of exposure. 



Household Products:

When cigarette smoking was on the rise in the 1970s, people fell asleep smoking in bed, starting fires and dying. The tobacco industry was under pressure to make self-extinguishing cigarettes, but it didn’t want to re-design how it made cigarettes, so it won its lobby for requiring flame retardants in mattresses and couches.

The chemical industry created flame-retardants that could be added to foam pillows, mattresses, and chairs. The problem was that retardants are released in the form of dust as people sit or lie on the foam. These dusts accumulate on the floor and affect people who spend the most time on the floor: babies and young children and their parents.



Cast Iron:

This cookware uses the most porous of all metals. This will trap the most oils and residues in pores and expose it to future meals. Light-weight woks are made from scrap metal, the lowest grade of iron.

The source of iron from foods is ferrous iron. This includes nuts, seeds, and some fruits and vegetables.

Cast iron pots are made of ferric iron, a dangerous heavy metal. It is not a source of healthy iron.



Self-Cleaning Ovens:

Cooking with self-cleaning ovens pose the same risks as cooking with non-stick cookware since that is the interior lining. When the self-cleaning cycle is used, the oven reaches a temperature of 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Dangerous gases are emitted that will quickly kill birds and be toxic for humans.



Plastic Storage Containers:

Using plastic containers poses serious health risks to you and your family. When you choose plastic, you are potentially exposed to the following chemicals:

  • Bisphenol A, or BPA, is an estrogen-mimicking chemical that has been linked to a host of serious health problems. If you are pregnant or nursing, your child is also at risk.

  • Phthalates are endocrine-disrupting chemicals that have been linked to a wide range of developmental and reproductive problems.












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