2 Gourmands

 2 venison tenderloin steaks

 1/2 pound diced Bacon

 1/2 pound mushrooms

 1 onions

 2 gloves garlic

1 glass Bourbon
 1/2 cup veal stock

 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder

 1 1/2 pound baby vegetables mix

salt  and black pepper

Steamed the vegetables in a large pot. In a frying pan grill the onions then add the bacon with the mushrooms, add the madera when cooked ad the veal stock, the garlic and the spoon of cocoa for the sauce let let it reduce until perfect coloration will appear.

In a steak pan cook the venison to your favorite temperature. When ready add the sauce with the mushrooms and bacon on the top and the vegetables on the side. correct seasoning if needed. serve hot!