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 In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport Julia Child

Inspired, world cuisine recipes, some unique that I have perfected, others are regional from places where I have lived. For beginners or more advanced cooks, I present healthy, tasty recipes step-by-step in a fun party-like atmosphere. 

Easier to follow than reading a recipe book because you can’t easily “see” techniques explained in books. I show you the how the ingredients should look when you buy them, how to choose them, and what to substitute, if need be.

I also explain the health benefits of each ingredient. This unique addition-- not often found in cooking shows-- may help you select other dishes to prepare, if you know what kind of “food medicines” you need!


Natacha's Video On Demand (Mobile) Episode 1

$ 3.99 USD

Delicious Salmon and Mixed Vegetables Recipe by The Sexy Gourmet Chef Natacha Mannhart

Episode 1 (MOBILE) 22-April-2013 




Natacha's Video On Demand (Full HD) Episode 1

$ 4.99 USD

Delicious Salmon and Mixed Vegetables Recipe by The Sexy Gourmet Chef Natacha Mannhart

Episode 1 (Full HD) 22-April-2013


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