Five Reasons to Take Our Live-Streaming Cooking Class: 


1. It's Live: Taking a live class is far easier for most people to learn about preparing healthy foods than studying cookbooks.  


2. It's Educational:  You will learn a lot more than the typical cooking show. We talk about the health benefits of each ingredient and how each meal is going to benefit your health. You watch the techniques I use in preparation. They are just as important as the ingredients. And you get to ask questions.


3. It's Fun and Convivial: A live, streaming show is a group event. Invite a friend to the same show or make new friends from around the world.


4. It's Healthy: As you add each new dish to your repertoire, you can improve your own health as well as those who you cook for. This small investment will provide benefits for yourself and others for years to come.


5. It's Convenient: Cook along in your own kitchen. No time or hassle of physically going to a class.













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