Healthy Cooking Classes:

Let's Cook some Fun, Healthy & Delicious Meals Together!

It's educational, fun, convivial, convenient and transformational.

"Love Your Food--> Shape Your Body-->Feel Alive!"

Live Streaming and Local (Greater Los Angeles Area)

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Why Having Natacha as Your Health & Well-Being Coach: 

I was like everybody else, affected by the media and buying all of the products everyone else purchases. My lifestyle was a real mess, my behavior was self destructive and I had a very addictive personality. It's on a hospital bed; devastated and facing a death sentence that I decided to change my life. It took a health crisis for me to open my eyes and research what I needed to do to save myself.

Now you can get the benefits of my research and work from day one. I will immediately see many things about your emotional self, lifestyle and diet habits that you do not see.

You will get the results you are seeking and together we will make it happens. Your coach will accompanying you on your journey from Hell To Health.

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Keys to Financial Freedom for Women Using the Path of Entrepreneurship:

Women all around the world are looking for empowerment and the ability to live their life and dreams according to their own agenda.  Depending on an external source for financial support like a partner, siblings or a family member is extremely stressful and emotionally draining. Powerlessness, vulnerability, abuse, victimization, abandonment, tensions, pressures and burnout is only to frequent in this kind of situation. 

Women will learn to create their own stream of income using various tools and mindsets. They will build their own wealth overtime, feeling abundant, deserving and confident. 

Women will become free of financial burden, become healthier, happier, emotionally balance, secure and ultimately fulfilled.

online entrepreneurship education
financial education
personal development 

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Attention Empowering Partners!!! Submit Your Application Now 

If you'd like to be part of an amazing vision that empowers people life throughout food health and  lifestyle, we are now accepting requests.

We are looking for healthy products and services to showcase in our videos and seeking active collaborating with amazing life changers to co-host our online live events. 

We are looking for sponsors, bloggers, health advocates, fitness experts, raw experts, detox specialists, meditation instructors, yoga teachers, stress release coach, small business consultants, transformational experts, personal trainers,  retreats facilitators, holistic practitioners, conscious living best selling author ...  

Join our introductory call to see if you could be a good fit.




Events Promoters/Affiliates You are Supported on Your Journey:

These training series are for people how have chosen to work with us. If you are an online event promoter and/or an affiliate of our network, we welcome you and want to support you on your path to success. Our educational events are designed to enhance your productivity, focus, techniques and performance. We also work on motivation and setting the right mindsets. Lastly we will introduces cutting edges methods to reach your goals and any practical tools that will save you time and reduce your load of work. It's about working smart, not harder! We want you to experience more flow and abundance. You will benefit of 15 years of online expertise in the field of online home based businesses. Become a champion  by attending our special trainings and live events.

Performance based income, support groups, motivational calls, tools and techniques, mindsets, social media networks and etiquettes, SEO's and web mastering do it yourself platforms, news and relevant informations that you should know when working online, successful strategies and call to action.

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