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If you are planning a trip to France for a vacation, on business, or for a longer stay, I can help you and your family, friends or business associates enjoy your experience to the fullest! I offer a unique blend of services before your trip and while you’re in France.
My services can include basic language skills as well as specific information and advice on the topics of importance to you. I am a French native and professional hospitality expert, who trained at the best culinary school in Paris. I worked in the tourism industry in France. I live in LA for the past eight years and understand the differences between the French and American cultures.
Before you go, I can help you plan your trip. Where to stay, what restaurants to dine, what to do, depending on your preferences.
During your trip, I can be your virtual concierge and guide tour. I can make reservations and get you the best tables and service. I can review menus with you and help you decide what to order before you go to the restaurant and help you order in French. You might be surprised at the improved service you will receive!
I can assist you on Skype to deal with any problems or issues that come up. You can feel confident and have peace of mind that you are receiving objective guidance.

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