Consulting Services for Achieving:

Good Health and Happiness


While very important, healthy diet alone may not be enough to 

achieve good health and happiness.Cultivating emotional balance, 

including physical activity and interprersonal relationships have

all been found to be very important.



Recent studies show how dynamically lifestyle changes can improve

our health and well-being, even on a genetic and cellular level.

The progression of even severe coronary heart disease can often 

be reversed by making comprehensive lifestyle changes. 

These include a very low-fat diet including predominantly fruits, 

vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and soy products in their 

natural, unrefined forms; moderate exercise such as walking; 

various stress management techniques including yoga-based 

stretching, breathing, meditation, imagery and enhanced love and 

social support, which may include support groups.[1]


In addition to providing live-streaming classes, We also offer 
individualized consulting services. My process begins with a 
questionnaire to discover your goals and collect more detailed 
information about your food and lifestyle. 


Prior to the development of hospitals, doctors made home visits 

to assess and treat patients. A person’s home and environment can 

provide much valuable information. With the help of technology,

We also perform an assessment of your kitchen and home environment.


Upon evaluating this information with clients in an initial 

assessment session, I will recommend an initial program to assist

you in making choices for a healthy food and lifestyle.


Part of the process for the initial program includes journaling 

activities and diet in a diary;interaction via email, skype, 

texting, etc.


Some of the services in the initial program may include:


·        A meal plan

·        Pantry and refrigerator re-stocking

·        Cooking equipment and methods to avoid

·        Grocery shopping

·        Dining out tips and what to order

  ·        Meditation schedule and methods


·        Books and videos to read/watch


·        Group discussions


·        Evaluation of progress


·        Goals and steps for next program


Consulting fees depend on the content of each program and will 

therefore vary from person-to-person.


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Payment due prior to the session via Skype ( we will send you an e-mail)

We do accept cash and credit cards the day of your session in Los Angeles, 




Any sessions must be cancelled within 48 hours. A "no show" will be charge the full amount for the session.







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