Hell-to-Health In-Home Services

Rather than treating symptoms of disease, our approach is

to help the body heal itself--without the risks or

side-effects of medications.


Our in-home approach sets Hell-to-Health apart from most treatments. 
We recognize that a person may face
insurmountable obstacles healing if they are living
in a toxic environment that prevents their body’s
incredible ability to heal itself. We also understand
that many sick people do not have the energy or knowledge
for how to detox and how to nurture the body,
mind and emotional state.

Before hospitals were established, doctors treated
patients by visiting them in their homes.
This approach provided valuable information in
diagnosing why the patient may be sick, as well as
conditions that might prevent recovery.
When medical care changed to the model
where patients are seen in hospitals or doctors offices,
this valuable information was lost.

Perhaps even more important, when a patient is treated

in a hospital or office, they are sent back into the

conditions and lifestyle that likely contributed heavily

to the illness. We recognize that a person’s lifestyle

and home environment are very important when it comes to

detoxing and healing.

Getting started:


Often, people don’t start a new journey because it

appears overwhelming. Achievable goals is the first

step to self-improvement.

Your first step is easy: contact me. I will provide

to you a short set of questions as background for our

first talk, which is free and without obligation.

First meetings:

My goal is to find out as much as I can about your

lifestyle and home environment. The easiest way I can

do that is to have you show me around and let me know

about how you live, how you eat. Based on each client’s

unique circumstances and health issues, I will recommend

a detoxing and healing program.

Detoxing: home, body & mind:

When toxins are present, healing is made much more

difficult. In many cases, it fails. Most treatments stop

short of providing full detoxification because they

only concern the body. We believe in detoxing the mind

and home environment to enable greater success.

Angels in the kitchen:

The other key feature of our approach is in-home food and

juice preparations. Often, people are too sick to perform

these duties until they have progressed on their healing


Many people also lack of knowledge. In-home services provide

the convenience and freshness that cannot be equaled by purchasing 

food products that may be days or even weeks old.

Unfortunately, it is also difficult to have complete

confidence in the quality and preparation of

purchased products. This is an unacceptable

risk when addressing life-threatening issues.


Hell-to-Health In-Home services provide the

quality, convenience and confidence that threats to your

health are being minimized and opportunities for healing

are being maximized.



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