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“We need to accept the seemingly obvious fact that a toxic environment can make people sick and that no amount of medical intervention can protect us.”

                                                                                                        --Andrew Weil, M.D.

You may be surprised to learn how lifestyle and product choices can be making you sick. “I had no idea about all of the dangers right in my own home!” my friends would always say.

I can help you in the same way as I did my friends. Lifestyle and home choices can be sensitive subjects. I know some changes are easy and some are not. 

You owe it to yourself and your family to take the first step.




 Consultation (60-90 mins?) :

- Redefining eating

-Food dairy monitor analyze and improvement

- Grocery shopping knowing what to buy, what you look for and avoiding traps, tips and tricks.



 6 Weeks Program: 

- Redefining eating,

-Food dairy monitor analyze and improvement,

- Grocery shopping, knowing what to buy, what you look for and avoiding traps,tips and tricks,

- Pantry Makeover.

499 USD$


 8 Weeks Program :

- Redefining eating,

-Food dairy monitor analyze and improvement,

- Grocery shopping trip tours, knowing what to buy, what you look for and avoiding traps,tips and tricks,

- Pantry makeover, 

7 days meal plan customized to your particular needs.



 12 Weeks Program : 

- Redefining eating,

- Food dairy monitor analyze and improvement,

- Grocery shopping trip tours, knowing what to buy, what you look for and avoiding traps, tricks and tips,

- Pantry makeover,

- 12 x 7 days meal plan customized to your particular needs,

- Private healthy cooking lessons tailored to your preferences needs and goals, 

- Daily texting support for the length of your program.


- tips on dining out (Value of 200$ 1.30min) --FREE--



Businesses, Entreprise Package:

Education Presentation, demo, Public Speaking

The Seminar, everything in a nutshell in 1.45 mins presentation for company, businesses etc... Office Hire Consultations: 

health Data, days of work lost etc

junk and unhealthy habits, vitality low, less productivity,Business talk, reduce sickness days, improve performance at work, focus, 

Eg: Best Buy lot of overweight employees

5000 USD$




1 Session

$ 199 USD

6 Weeks Program

$ 499 USD



8 Weeks Program

$ 999 USD

12 Weeks Program

$ 1499 USD



$ 5000 USD


Gift Certificate: Gift Cards

Food and Nutrtion Counceling

to Family/Friend/employee

Choose your package:





Your Gift To:1 Session

$ 125 USD

Your Gift: 6 Weeks

$ 499 USD


Your Gift :Vitality 8 Weeks

$ 999 USD

Your Gift: Longevity 12 Weeks

$ 1499 USD







Unlimited Access Plan Monthly:

Your personal nutritional and 

coach at your fingertips.

Membership Unlimited?Monthly Fees, 


Included all of the above unlimited monthly recurring fees



Refer A Friend Program:

- Your Friend sign up for a Boost Session...

You will get

- Your friend sign up for an Energy Program (6 weeks) ...

You will get

- Your friend sign up for a Vitality Program (8 weeks)...

You will get

- Your friend sign up for a Longevity Program (12 weeks)...

You will get

- Your friend sign up for an Unlimited Access Plan ...

You will get

Ultimate Friend Referral Program Form





Appointment Cancellation and Lateness Policies

The appointment cancellation and lateness policies are covered in this section for your sessions.

Please plan to arrive or connect at least 5 minutes early for your appointment so we can start on time your session.

Lateness Policy

Starting on time is very important. If an individual is late for an in-person session or a Skype session, I reserve the right to shorten the appointment time in order to stay on schedule for other clients or reschedule. Please,always call if you are running late especially if you are having an in-person session.

For Skype sessions, I always call within 5 minutes of our scheduled start time and this will not be deducted from your session time. If you are not available I will leave one message and attempt to call back within 5 minutes. If you are not available within 15 minutes of our scheduled start time, then I will deem the session a "no show" and it will be charged accordingly (see below).

Cancellation Policy

All appointments scheduled must be cancelled or rescheduled with 24-hours notice to avoid being charged for the session. All cancellations are subject to a fee of 50% of the session cost regardless of the length of the session.

There is some flexibility in this policy for emergency situations but remember a scheduled appointment is time reserved especially for you. And usually if you cancel at the last minute the reserved spot can not be rescheduled.

Sessions that are “No Show” with no notice of cancellation are charged the full amount of the session. Cancellation Fees must be paid before another session is scheduled. And once a session is missed, I may request that pre-payment be made prior to the start of any session.

Pre-Paid Session Policy

If you have pre-paid for a session and would like to cancel that session, there will be a 10% processing fee or a minimum of $20 for payments under $200 to cover credit card processing charges and administrative time. Any paid sessions must be cancelled within 48 hours of the time of payment or monies are forfeited, this includes any pre-paid packages.

Gift Certificate Policy

Gift Certificates must be used within 90 days of purchase unless otherwise agreed to other terms before the gift certificate was purchased.



- Payment due prior to the session via Skype


We accept cash and credit cards the day of your session, however it is advisable to prepaid your session via our Checkout Provider Paypal (you don't have to have an account to use this service)





15-30 minutes free consultation? Is it right for you?




work on the colors meaning


Buy 5 and for 



Plan paid in few times?


Online Private Food Health Coaching Boot Camp workshop:






colors significance and meaning


- pantry makeover 195$ 

- redefining eating

-ride of snack and unhealthy food, then can start to go store shopping, healthy cooking, eating out tips and tricks, cooking classes.

- grocery shopping trip tours, knowing what to buy, what you look for and avoiding traps 1.30 minutes 150$

 -food dairy monitor analyze and improvement

- healthy cooking lessons 250$

menu like dislike and needs and goals

- texting support 10$/month

- tips on dining out 150$ 1.30min

- 7days meal plan 150$ costumized to client need

time? Price?


Prices available in major currency, just open a new page, go there:



Australian Dollars






to do:

- work on packages and membership or programs








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