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1.Contact Information:

Sexy Gourmet Chef

Natacha Mannhart

Los Angeles California

Skype ID: Natacha Mannhart

2.Products And Services: 



- Cooking classes live

- Personal Cooking Classes

- Personal Chef Services (Parties-Events)

- The weekly chef cooking your healthy meal in your kitchen for the entire week

- Restaurant Concierge Connection (Best Restaurants Experiences in LA)

- Lifestyle Coaching


- Cooking Classes Videos

- Health And Nutrition Seminars

- Seminars, Food Products "The Knowledge Series"

       Cheeses Knowledge

       Wines Knowledge

- LA Restaurant Guide (Upscale Restaurant Guide for LA visitors)

- Book:

      Food (Report)

      Health (Report)

      Lifestyle (Report)

      You've got a life to live! (Full)

- Store: 

     Gourmet French Products and Cookwares

     Non Toxic Household Products

     Non Toxics Body Care Products


Cooking Classes Live:   

 Sexy Gourmet Chef broadcast Healthy Cooking Classes twice a week from her recording studio in Los Angeles.

Lifestyle Coaching:



Change your relationship to food and bad habits and get back on track for a more energized Life.

Personal Chef Services:

The weekly chef is your private chef cooking a serie of healthy meals in your kitchen for the entire week according to your preferences.


Events and Parties: Let Sexy Gourmet Chef organized your next theme Parties and Special Events: 

- Breakfast 

- Lunch 

- Brunch

- Happy Hour 

- Dinner theme parties 

Invite your friends, family, networks, clients with a customized menu tailored specially for you. We cook and clean in your own kitchen so you just have to enjoy yourself and focus on your guests.

Personal Cooking Classes 

 Personal Cooking Experience with Chef Natacha  (in Los Angeles area only) 

For enquieres outside the state please contact us directly. 


- Cooking Classes On Demand Videos:



 - Seminars on Food Products "The Knowledge Series"

Cheese Knowledge:

 Wine Knowledge:

 LA Restaurant Guide and Concierge Services:





 Food (Report)


 Health (Report)


 Lifestyle (Report)


 You've got a life to live! (Full)


Unlimited health and support, your VIP Pass to a New Life! 


 Online Store: 

 French Gourmet Food Products

French Gourmet Food Products 

Non Toxic household products

Non Toxic Body cares products

- Visit Natacha's Store with a broad selection of Healthy Products, Books, DVD's and Programs available with to purchase online with our various partners.

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Your Free Cooking Video Library: 

Your Free Health Video Library:





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 4.Interviewer Resources:


Short Biography of Sexy Gourmet Chef:

Sexy Gourmet Chef started in 2009 with the objective to educated and inform in a fun way about good food and healthy nutrition. Because of the growing epidemic of obesity, lifestyle diseases, stress and allergies that every simple person is facing today it is mandatory to learn how to feed yourself the right way. Cooking and learning about food shouldn't be a chore. It has to be easy, fun and entertaining that's why Chef Natacha Mannhart is teaching healthy cooking classes broadcasting live so the viewer can interact and ask questions during the "show". In addition to the classes there is healthy seminars that has been prerecorded for individuals and a book that compiles years of researches in the field. Chef Natacha encourage every student to past the knowledge to their family, friends, co-workers and anyone how are open to make a positive change in their lifestyle. 

About Chef Natacha Mannhart: 

Chef Natacha was born and raised in France. Since a little girl, she has always been passionate by good food and the entertainment business. Chef Nat graduated from the Cordon Bleu School in Paris. Natacha's started her career by working in an historical hotel in Switzerland, following by the  Five Top Palaces Of The French Riviera in France and the Principaute of Monaco, two Michelin Stars Restaurants in London England, Dubai and Australia restaurants. When Chef Nat arrived in California in 2006, she worked for the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly-Hills  and the Bel Air Hotel at key positions.


Some Interview Questions :

Q: Where did you grow up and what was your childhood like?

A:  I grew up in the Alsace region of France a few miles from the German border. It was a rural area with gardens and farms.

When I was very young, I watched my grandmother and mother cook and soon they had me helping them in little ways. I felt so trusted the first time to stir the pot when my grandmother went to the bread shop!

My grandmother would spend her entire day preparing meals. Vans would come to the small villages because there were no markets, selling fresh ingredients. For example, there was a cheese van…a bread van…a butcher van. The quality of the product was amazing…natural and fresh. This was very traditional.

So I got a passion for cooking from my grandmother. But also, my best friend’s mother owned a restaurant and I was there a lot of the time. It was like a home to me. I watched the chefs cooking and the servers. It was a fascinating world—a world of its own, really. And of course I ate there a lot.

Q: So that’s what led you to choose cooking as a career?

A: Definitely, yes. I also saw an opportunity to travel the world if I went to the best culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. It seemed to guarantee being able to work with the best chefs in the world.

Q: So when did you learn?

A. They taught the classic, traditional techniques of cooking French dishes for restaurants. I had already learned most of the techniques from my mom and grandmother, but it was excellent complementary training. I would say that the most valuable part was having validation and a professional culinary degree from there to get my feet in the door to work in the best establishments.

I learned more about the art and craft of cooking for restaurants, which is different from cooking at home.

Q: Can you tell me more about that?

A: Well, (haha), it’s a lot more stressful working with other chefs in a business. They really do scream and throw things!

Q: So some cooking shows are realistic?

A: Yes, some are! I can think of a few…Definitely realistic.

Q: Hmm…Not what you expected growing up?

A: No, I saw myself as a manager in the hotel and restaurant business chains. So after I worked in the kitchens in the South of France for a few years, I went to London to go back to school to learn international management in the hospitality and restaurant business, while working in two Michelin star restaurants at the same time. That led to a position as a manager in a 5-star hotel, where I was managing a team of 25 people.

Q: So you were working full time AND going to school at the same time?

A: Yes, and learning English! After a while, I needed to take a good break and travelled all over Europe, then to Dubai, the Caribbean, Australia and finally ended up in LA.

Q: Why did you choose LA?

A:  I’ve always been interested in the entertainment industry.  Also, when I was in the UK, I became concerned with the epidemic of obesity in children. I saw the low quality of the food they were eating. I thought it would take a chef to work on that problem.

I saw education in healthy cooking and food as a way to help. I didn’t have an exact plan but I thought I could combine my interests in LA. because of the media exposure here. About that same time, cooking programs were becoming very popular.

Q:  What did you do next?

A: I continued to work in hotel and hospitality industry for a while. But that’s also when I started my own research into the connection between health and food.

The more I read and studied, the broader my interests became. I saw the connection between lifestyle and health, the environment and health, home products and health. Everything is intertwined.

I spent a lot of time sorting though each of these areas and seeing how many health risks we are all exposed to almost all the time. I tried to begin changing what I would eat and do to try to minimize them.

I also realized that few people would have the time to do all of the research I’ve done and how programmed we all can become leading stressful lives.

That’s when I figured out my mission: to summarize all of this in a way anyone can understand and apply in everyday life.

Q: So how have you done this?

A: well, its coming together.  My live-streaming healthy cooking shows are available though my website:

My book and multi-media website are at:

Q: What is the book about? Or how is it organized?

It’s about what to avoid and what to promote. It covers food and detoxing; environment and home products; and lifestyle and the medical system.

It’s ultimately about finding happiness, which gets into how to be healthy physically and emotionally.

Q: So what are your secrets?

Well, I believe that if people understand the risks in food and products, and make better choices, these daily decisions can have a major impact on health.

Another point is that it’s impossible to escape all of the toxins we are exposed to, no matter hard you try, so cleansing, detoxing and eliminating should be a priority in life.

Finally, there is such a strong connection between mental and emotional health and how they affect physical health, so cultivating emotional balance and having a healthy relationship with yourself and others is really important. This requires paying attention to yourself and others.

Q: So you explain how to do that in the book, I suppose?


Q: Who did you write this for?

It can be applied by everyone. But some people are not very open to re-consider what they assume to be true, or what they have been told for many years, especially by the media, medical profession, the government.

For many, it may take a life crisis to be willing to look for new answers. But there is a large and growing group of people who are looking for ways to be healthier, feel better, have more energy…looking for a more sustained feeling of happiness than is only connected to external events.

So, I wrote this for people who are receptive to thinking about these issues and making positive changes.


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What Costumers Says About Sexy Gourmet Chef: 

Testimonial Videos:

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 Testimonial Emails: 

"My doctor said that I needed to change my habits because my cholesterol was rising and he also found a bunch of other problems with my liver and kidneys. I use to love junk food and my daily trip to the fast food restaurant across the street. I never cooked in my life. A friend recommended I take this class. I also took her private consulting session. When I went back to my doctor, he said that I was doing much better, and if I should continue my new lifestyle. Thank you Natacha! I am so grateful for helping me change my lifestyle. It is a real an eye opener.”

 Marcus from Canada


 "I love cooking, but after work, I don't have the energy to go to a class. An online cooking class is perfect for me. I cook in my own kitchen with my own cookware and utensils while enjoying and having a great time with the instructor and other students. I recommend this class to anyone like me with a busy lifestyle".

Emily from New-York


"I’m always looking forward to my next class! I am retired and my husband died a few years ago. Natacha is such a ray of sunshine in my life. I learned so much during her classes. I had had no idea how bad my shopping choices were. Today I can read the label and actually understand whether I should buy it. I learned how to cook my food the right way so it won't lose vitamins. I also learned what are the dangers and poisons in our environment and how to minimize their impact. Take a class and you will be hooked!"

Eve from Colorado



"As a single parent and mom, I found it very convenient to have a cooking class right at home. I learned how to prepare better food for my kids and they love it. They are also less agitated and sleep better at night. I don't know if it's directly related, but in only a few meals I felt a big change. I just ordered Natacha's book and there is a lot I never knew in it!"

Marine and Kelly from Australia


"I just want to say what a pleasure it was to take a cooking class focused on health. It is very uncommon, and I was very curious to see what a French Chef can do with that concept. To my surprise, it was amazing. Now I’m a regular on the "Show." I lost a significantly amount of weight in just a few weeks. I feel great like I was a teenager again! Thank you so much for teaching these classes!" 

Sarah from Colorado


 "I found it difficult to find a good quality cooking class that is not overbooked or too expensive. Natacha's show is great, even better than Top Chef, which I love very much. She should be on mainstream TV, and everyone should know about basic nutrition, food and lifestyle. It's easy to understand, and I tell my little nieces and friends how to make better choices. I also love to learn new techniques that I can replicate easily. Combine that with the fact that I can ask questions and interact directly with the instructor and the others students of the group, it makes me feel part of the "family." Thanks for the knowledge. Love your classes. Keep up the good work."

Judy from The United Kingdom


What The Food Industry, Medias And "Healthy Professionals Says About 

The Sexy Gourmet Chef : 

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6.Media Reactions:


"Sexy is the new Healthy"

"We need more Chefs into the "public eye" that are conscious about the connection between the food and modern diseases"

"Chefs can also health the world through education and information, brilliant!"

"Natacha is a wonderful chef, lifestyle coach, author and foodie. She  is so knowledgeable on the subject of health, organic cooking and gourmet food, there is so much you can learn from her"

"Her book is fantastic, packed with so much informations that I would never been aware of it otherwise. An easy read that open my eyes forever.

"Change your food, change your lifestyle and you will experience a feeling that you never had before. Fantastic!"

" Just on time to fight the epidemic of obesity!"

"Detox is the Key?  That came to me like a revelation. Natacha is the expert. follow and apply her advices for a brilliant physical and mental health.










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