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 Alsatian Herbed Meat Roll 

Wrapped With 

Fresh Pasta

Fleishnacke Recipe Alsacien Sexy Gourmet Chef Natacha Mannhart

This is a special recipe from the Alsace Region of France, bordering Germany. This dish is an original fusion, combining French and German cuisines, and is traditionally served in the winter. 

It is usually enjoyed with a Green Salad and a Glass of White Wine (Sylvaner).

6 Sexy Gourmands:


1.2 Cup Flour (thinnest possible)

5 Eggs

0.6 Cup Durum Wheat Semolina

1 Cup Water

2 Pounds total of equal part Minced Mixed Meat(Ground Pork,Veal and Beef)

1 Glass of Milk

4 Tablespoons Breadcrumbs

3 Tablespoons Butter

1 Bunch Parsley

2 Carrots

1 Turnip

1 Leek

1 "Bouquet Garni"

2 Onions 

4 Garlic Cloves

3 Pints Beef Stock

6 Tablespoons Olive Oil

4 Cups White Sylvaner Wine



In a stockpot, cook the meat with an onion, the carrots, turnip, leek, 

a bouquet garni and the beef stock. 

After it reaches the boiling point, 

cook gently for 2 hours. 

When done, keep the broth without the 

vegetables and chop the meat in an 

electric chopper with the parsley, the 

breadcrumbs, 1 egg, the milk and 1/2 



In a frying pan heat the butter and the rest of the onion and then add the meat mix, ½ cup broth and the white wine.


The noodle base: on a clean table or 

other flat surface, spread the flour, 

making a hole in the middle, add 4 eggs, 

and gradually mix the eggs with the 


When combined, leave it to rest for 20 mins.

Roll it out until large and flat as 

suggested in this video then add the 

meat mix gradually. 

Roll the dough around the meat several 

times. With a knife, cut slices of 1 

inch each.

In a frying pan, heat the olive oil, and 

then fry the meat roll for 2 minutes 

each side.

Cooking Ingredients Conversion Help:



Instead of Milk use Almond milk.

Instead of Meat use Fish or Vegetables such as Eggplant 

and Zucchini.

Instead of Butter use Ghee.

Instead of Beef Stock use Organic Vegetable Bouillon.



Döner Kebab made in Europe

The Doner Kebab is sometimes spelled 

Döner Kebap (the Turkish spelling), 
meaning 'rotating roast'or can be shortened to Doner, to 'turn around' from the traditional cooking method of using a rotating spit to cook the meat. In the simplified recipe below, no spit is required. However, marinating the meat overnight is very important to achieve the traditional flavor. 

In other parts of Germany, veal or chicken is used instead of lamb, so feel free to substitute if a different meat is desired, or for variety.


4 Sexy Gourmands:

1.5 Pound Lamb Minced

4 Lebanese Breads

2 tablespoon Crunch Pepper

1 Teaspoon Cumin

4 Teaspoons Coriander

1 Egg Beaten

1/2 Cup Yogurt With Fresh Mint

1/2 Ounce Parsley

1/2 Salad Minced

1 Onion Sliced

5 Teaspoons Onion Juice

1 Tablespoon Black Pepper

2-3 Tablespoons Salt

2 Sliced Tomatoes

5 Ounces Red Cabbage

3 Lemons

1/3 Cup Olive Oil


It looks like a lot of ingredients, but it is indeed relatively simple to make a good doner at home.


Marinate the meat overnight with lemon juice, persil,onion juice, black pepper, cumin and coriander.


The day of the recipe, dip the mince into the beaten egg, then Grill the meat in a pan for a few minutes 

each side.

Cut the bread with a knife, and stuff it with onion, lettuce, tomato red cabbage, add the Lamb, then the yogurt & the Mint sauce on the top with the crunch pepper (only if you like your sandwich spicy, and if 

you prefer, you can also use some harrisa).

Cooking Ingredients Conversion Help:


Instead of Lamb use non farm-raised White Fish.



French Toast with Grand-Marnier


French Toast is a dish of bread soaked 

in eggs and milk then fried. Stale bread 

was often used since it is soaked first 

and becomes usable for this dish. 

When French Toast is served as a sweet 

dish, as below, milk, sugar, or cinnamon 

are also commonly added before frying, 

and then it may be topped with sugar, 

butter, fruit, syrup, or other items. 

When it is a savory dish, it is 

generally fried with a pinch of salt, 

and can then be served with a sauce such 

as ketchup or mayonnaise.


In Germany, Arme Ritter (poor knights) 

are made from bread leftovers as a fast 

and simple meal. There are several local 

alternatives in serving: with a mix of 

sugar and cinnamon, filled with plum-jam 

or with vanilla sauce. Sometimes it is 

made with wine, or in our recipe below, 

Grand Marnier, is used instead of milk, 

and was called Betrunkene Jungfrau, "drunken virgin"



2 Sexy Gourmands:

4 Thick Slices of Hard Bread

1 Large Lemon

4 Eggs

1 Cup Of Milk

2 Tablespoons Melted Butter

1/2 Glass of Grand-Marnier Liquor

In a shallow bowl, mix the eggs, milk, 

3/4 melted butter and the Grand-Marnier 

liquor. Peel the lemon and squeeze the 



Dip the bread and wait for 10-15 min 

that the bread has absorbed the mix. 

When ready, put the rest of the butter 

in a large frying pan and cook until 

brown and golden.


Cooking Ingredients Conversion Help:


Instead Of Milk Use Almond Milk And No Eggs.


French Almond Crepes 

6 Sexy Gourmands:

4 Eggs

1 Cup Flour

4 Tablespoons Butter 

2 Cups Of Milk

2 Teaspoons Liquid Crème fraîche 

2 Teaspoons Liquid

5 Tablespoons Almond Powder

1 Small Bag Of Vanilla Sugar

1 Stick of French Vanilla

In a large bowl mix the eggs, flour, sugar, 3/4 of the 
butter and the milk. Beat until smooth. 

Leave to rest for 20 minutes. Add the Crème 

fraîche and the almond powder.


Melt the rest of the butter in a large pan on 

medium heat so that the butter does not burn.  

Pour enough batter into the pan so that it thinly 

covers the whole pan. Cook about 30 seconds until 

batter firms, then flip over and cook other side 

until crepe is golden brown.


Crepes should be eaten when hot. Add on the side 

fruit jam, organic honey, melted chocolate or 




Instead of Milk use Almond Milk.                                           


Venison Tenderloin 

with Bacon 

Forest Mushrooms 

and Assorted Baby Vegetables


2 Sexy Gourmands:

2 Venison Tenderloin Steaks

 1/2 Pound Diced Bacon

 1/2 Pound Mushrooms

 1 Onions

 3 Gloves Garlic diced

 1 Glass Madera

 1/2 Cup Veal Stock

 1 Tablespoon of Cocoa Powder

 1 1/2 Pounds Mixed Baby Vegetables (brocolli, 

carrots,green beans, asparagus and turnip)

Salt and Black Pepper  


In a frying pan grill start grilling the bacon diced and add the onions.

When onions become transparent, add the mushrooms for a minute, add the Madera, then the veal stock, the garlic, and finally, the secret ingredient, a tablespoon of cocoa. Lower cooking temperature and reduce the sauce until it turns a perfectly brown.

In a steak pan, cook the venison to your favorite doneness.

When venison is nearly done cooking, steam the vegetables separately in a large pot.

When everything is ready, add the sauce on the top of the meat and the vegetables on the side. Correct seasoning if needed. Serve hot! 



Instead of Venison Use Mushrooms. 

Instead of Veal Stock Use Vegetarian Stock and remove the Bacon.Cook Vegetables more slowly at low heat to retain living enzymes.          





 Crème Brûlée 

with Apricots


Orange Blossom Water

4 Sexy Gourmands:


8 Egg Yolks

1/2 Cup Sugar

2 Cups Heavy Cream

1 stick vanilla 

12 Apricots (washed, dried, pitted, and cut in       

Juice of 1 Lemon

2 Tablespoons of Orange Blossom Water.


Cook the fresh apricots in a sauce pan with some lemon juice. Cover it and let it cook until it looks like a marmalade. Let it cool.

In a sauce pan, heat the cream gently with the vanilla beans (hot but not boiling, under 212F – 100C. Note: temperature very important.
In a large bowl mix the yolks and the sugar until well blended. Pour the heavy cream  little-by- little into the eggs mixture while stirring and add the orange blossom water.
Pre-heat over to 325 F. Get your 4 ramequins ready. Make a layer of the apricot marmalade in the bottom then add the cream mix on the top.
Place the ramequins in a bake pan and fill them half way with boiling water. Cook in the oven for 40 mins. After cooking let them cool off and leave them in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

A few minutes before serving, sprinkle fine sugar on the

top and torch the top with a blowtorch (or a small 

cigarette lighter will work) until golden brown and 






French Pizza Sun Dried Tomatoes and Comte cheese


Pizza has been around for a long time. Next time,try this delicious home made pizza with a French twist!


Comté (also called Gruyère de Comté) is a French cheese made from cow's milk in the Franche-Comté region of eastern France.The texture is relatively hard and flexible, and the taste is strong and slightly sweet.


Most Comté cheeses are aged from 12 to 18 months, though some are aged as little as four months and as long as 24 months. Some places, especially high-class restaurants, can carry Comtés aged for a longer time.



6 Sexy Gourmands:

1.1 Pound Flour

  1 Cup Warm Water

  1 Bag Dry Yeast

  4 tablespoons Olive Oil

  1 Pinch Salt

  1 1/2 Cup of Tomato Sauce

  20-25 Pieces of Sun Dried Tomatoes 

(soaked in water for 2-4 hours before 


   1 tablespoon Herbs de Provence

   1 tablespoon Dry Parsley

   1 teaspoon Sugar

  14 Ounces of Comté Cheese


Pizza Dough:


Dissolve the dry yeast in the water. 

On a clean table display the flour and 
get a hole in the middle, pour the 
water, add the olive oil and a pinch of 
salt, blend until getting a dough then let it sit for 20 minutes at room temperature.

Open your tomato sauce, pour in the sugar, add the herbs. Pre-heat the

oven (425F- 220C).


Roll out the dough and place on a pre-heated pizza stone or baking sheet, add the sauce then distribute the sun dried tomatoes on the top, add the cheese. Cook for around 15 min (watch carefully not to burn).


If there is any left over, re-heat in the oven the next day for a super delicious snack!


Cooking Ingredients Conversion Help:


Instead of The Comté Cheese, use Soy Cheese.


 Smooth Chocolate Mousse 


 Jamaican Rum and Jalapenos 

4 Sexy Gourmands:

30 min Preparation

2-4 Hours in the Fridge


17 Ounces of Dark Chocolate

6 Eggs (only use the eggwhites)

1 3/4 Whipping Cream

2 Teaspoons of Unflavored Gelatin

1/2 Cup Sugar

4 Large Jalapenos

1/2 Cup Rum or Banana Liquor


Melt the chocolate in a pan.

In a large and deep bowl(no plastic,it contain 

dangerous toxins!)

whip the egg whites until foamy.

After the chocolate cools a little bit, add the 

whipped cream, melted chocolate, pour the 

liquid chocolate from the pan over the 

eggwhites while stirring.


Add the liquor, the vanilla extract and the 

juice of the Jalapenos If you have a juicer, 

recommend using juice of the Jalapenos; if 

not, marinate them overnight in a small bowl 

with the liquor and use a blender and blend to 



Keep in the fridge for at least 2 hours. 

When ready, form quenelles (oval or egg 

shapes) with a large spoon that has been 

plunged a few seconds in hot water. 



Instead of Cow Whipping Cream Use Organic Soy Whipping 





 Autumn Black Plums Tart


4 Sexy Gourmands:

45 min cooking

+ 30-45 min preparation


1 1/2 Flour

1 Egg

8 ounces liquid Crème Fraîche

1 1/2 Sticks Butter

4 cubes of Brown Sugar

1 Cup of Water

3-4 Dozen Black Plums

1 Cup Liquor/Brandy for Marinating the Fruits 

cinnamon powder

In a large mixing bowl, pour 1 1/2 cup of flour 

and form a mound. With 4 fingers, create a hole 

in the middle, add 1 1/2 sticks of soft butter, 

a pinch of salt and a cup of water, in which 

you have dissolved a few cubes of brown sugar.  

Mix ingredients together by hand until you have 

used all of the butter and all of the sugar 



Grease the dough ball by adding a little 

butter. Leave it rest for 20 minutes. 


Wash 2 dozen whole plums, cut them in half,

remove the pits, and place them in a bowl with 

lemon juice, sugar and French liquor for 15-30 



Butter a 10" Quiche/Tart Pan, or use parchment paper instead of butter.


Preheat the oven for 10 min to 325 degrees.

Make a topping by combining the egg, the liquid

crème fraîche  and the cinnamon in a bowl.


Roll the dough and place it in the pan, add the 

plums and the topping, and sprinkle with fine 

sugar. Let it cook for 45 min in the oven.



Instead of Liquid crème fraîche use 

Organic Liquid Soy Cream. 


 Happy Choucroute Party

6 Sexy Gourmands:

3 Hours Cooking

30 mins Preparation

Recommended wines pairing for this dish:

A white wine from Alsace like a Gewürztraminer,Pinot Gris,Riesling 

or Sylvaner. 

6 Pounds Sauerkraut (in plastic bags), drained and easy to find in Trader-Joe's stores),

1 Pound Back Bacon Sliced, 

2 Pounds Boneless Ham Hock, 

12 Sausages ( the one in whole-food are fantastic but if you 

want the real deal there is a list of german store's you can get

it from. 

The perfect mix would be 2 Strasbourg Sausages

2 Frankfurt Sausages and 2 Montbéliard Sausages For Each Guest.

12 Medium Potatoes

2 Onions

6 Garlic Cloves

6 Cups Veal Stock

4 Cups White Wine 

7 Tablespoons Of Goose Fat

1 Teaspoon Freshly Ground Black Pepper

15 Juniper Berries

6 Spices Cloves

1 Teaspoon Caraway Seeds

2 Large Bay Leaves

Don't forget to add assorted Mustards in your plate during the degustation.

Yes it is possible to make a delicious choucroute even if you live

in the United State. There are great German store's that have the traditional sausages that you are looking for and you can oven order them online [Store]. You can also keep it simple and use the ones that are sold at your local store (I do recommend Whole Foods and Trader Joe's).

The preparation of the choucroute is very commonly eat at 

the German and French border known as Alsace. The cabbage 

is chopped in small pieces and stored in wood barrel spreading 

on each layer, juniper and salt and two pounds of gin for 

twenty-five whole cabbage. 

Fortunately for us, today we can buy the cabbage in pre-conditioned plastic bags so we don't have to go through 

all of those steps. I get my sauerkraut from Traders Joe's 

and it is perfectly fine.

The choucroute is an extremely  nourishing dish that's why

it is usually consumed during winter time. The vegetable itself

is excellent for your health. Believe it or not but according to

a recent study, fermented cabbage is part of the family of

the "super food" and it is an immune system booster that will

help you protect against most infectious diseases like the flu,

most cancers and has been used my European people as a powerful and tasty digestif helper. 

I was not a big fan of veggies when I was a little girl but 

today I find them miraculous for your health and well being. 

The choucroute has been around a long time already during the 17-century this dish was heavily supplied to marine vessels,to preserve the sailors from scurvy during long trips.

Ideally I will use a pressure cooker but I made the choucroute

in a large Stock-Pot in the past.

Get the goose fat and the diced onions, wait for coloration then ad half of the white cabbage and  braise for 30 seconds, ad the second half, the veal stock, the garlic, the juniper berries, the cloves, the caraway seeds and the bay leaves cover and cooked 

at small flame (Gas Mark 4) for 2 hours. 

Make sure to check from time to time to make sure that the Sauerkraut is always moist, if not pour a few cups of water to prevent the preparation from burning. 

In a separate large sauce pan boiled the potatoes in salted 

water until tender then ad them to the stock-Pot. Pre-cook 

the meat in the owen moderately hot (400F or 200C) for 

45 min. After that time ad the meat to to the Sauerkraut 

and potatoes, all cooked in the same Pot. 

When the sauerkraut is almost cooked, sprinkle with 2 glasses

of white wine, dry to reduce the liquid to be good fire, discard the bay leaves upon serving and VOILA, a delicious Choucroute party for your family and Friends.


Cultured Sauerkraut that had healthy enzymes and probiotics 

cultures added after fermentation.

Instead of Meat, use 1 smoke fish minimum like the Smoked 

Haddock for example, some Turbot and Cod.











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