I am very independent and I can deliver my service with integrity. As a Virtual assistant,I can provide multi services such as secretarial, administrative, creative or technical services to small or medium size businesses externally. I am also equipped with my knowledge based on my length of technical/customer service experiences.

  • Age: 27
  • Gender: Female
  • Last Updated: Feb 05, 2014
  • Date Posted: Feb 05, 2014
  • Desired Salary: 10000 PHP a month ($230.52)
  • Experience: 5 years
  • Current Employment Status: UNEMPLOYED
  • Number of hours per week: 20+
  • Tests Taken :
  • DISCCompliance: 5,Dominance: 41,Influence: 38,Steadiness: 15
  • English Test: High Advanced 1
  • Reviews about Jobseeker: none

Skill Summary

> Proficient in MS Office (Word, Power Point and Outlook)
> Queue Monitoring
> Data Entry
> Customer Service Support
> Technical Service Support 
> Email Correspondence
> Sales
> Excellent Communication Skills (Written and Spoken)
> Flexible Time Schedule
>Team Player
> Social Research


    • Ability to solve problems quickly:I'm good at it
    • Attention to detail:I'm good at it
    • Email:I'm an expert
    • Gathering information:I've had some instruction
    • Google Docs:I'm good at it
    • Internet browsing:I'm the best in the world
    • Learning new skills rapidly:I'm good at it
    • MS Power Point:I've done it a few times
    • MS Excel:I've had some instruction
    • MS Word:I'm good at it
    • Typing Speed:I'm good at it
    • Working at a fast pace:I'm the best in the world

    General Experience:

    5 years in the BPO industry taught me a lot of things and most of all it gave me the opportunity to discover more skills than I've ever thought about. I can say that I am best in the world on Internet browsing and working at a fast pace because I am well trained on that. I browse the Internet through my PC, Android phone, Iphone , and tab on a daily basis for how many years now. And working fast pace is also on normal if you work on a BPO industry. I am tested and proven through time that's why I am very confident about my answers.


    • Speaking:I'm an expert
    • Writing:I'm good at it

    English Experience:

    We used English at home, in school, talking to my friends and of course at work. English only policy is always mandated.


    • Advertising:No experience
    • Blogging:No experience
    • Branding:No experience
    • Copywriting:No experience
    • Email Marketing:No experience
    • Facebook Marketing:No experience
    • Google AdSense:No experience
    • Google AdWords:No experience
    • Google Webmaster:No experience
    • Recording Audio:I'm good at it
    • Seo:No experience
    • Social Media Marketing:No experience
    • Telemarketing:I'm an expert
    • Traffic Geyser:No experience
    • Video:No experience
    • Video Editing:No experience

    Marketing Experience:



    • Autoresponders:No experience
    • Backing up mysql database:No experience
    • Drupal:No experience
    • Ftp:No experience
    • Google analytics:No experience
    • Html:No experience
    • Joomla:No experience
    • Managing Servers:No experience
    • Web Pages:No experience
    • Wordpress:No experience

    Webmaster Experience:



    • Adobe after effects:No experience
    • Coreldraw:No experience
    • Css:No experience
    • Dreamweaver:No experience
    • Fireworks:No experience
    • Flash:No experience
    • Logo Design:No experience
    • Maya:No experience
    • Pagemaker:No experience
    • Photoshop:No experience
    • Videography:No experience
    • Web page Design:No experience

    Graphics Experience:



    • Ajax:No experience
    • Android development:No experience
    • ASP.NET:No experience
    • AutoCAD:No experience
    • C#:No experience
    • C++:No experience
    • Coldfusion:No experience
    • Database:No experience
    • Delphi:No experience
    • Flex:No experience
    • Game development:No experience
    • iOS development:No experience
    • Java:No experience
    • Javascript:No experience
    • Jquery:No experience
    • Mobile App development:No experience
    • Mobile Website development :No experience
    • Objective C:No experience
    • OpenGL:No experience
    • Oracle:No experience
    • Perl:No experience
    • Php:No experience
    • Python:No experience
    • Ruby:No experience
    • Visual Basic:No experience

    Programming Experience:


Finance & Management

    • Accounting:No experience
    • Bookkeeping:No experience
    • Budgeting & Forecasting:No experience
    • Business Analysis:No experience
    • Business Plans:No experience
    • Corporate Strategy:No experience
    • Financial Analysis:No experience
    • Financial Forecasting:No experience
    • Financial Management:No experience
    • Inventory Management:No experience
    • Invesment Research:No experience
    • Payroll:No experience
    • Peachtree:No experience
    • Project Management:No experience
    • Strategic Planning:No experience
    • Tax Preparation:No experience

    Finance & Management Experience:


Admin Support

    • Customer Support:I'm an expert
    • Data Entry:I'm good at it
    • Event Planner:No experience
    • Medical Transcription:No experience
    • Research:No experience
    • Telephone Handling:I'm an expert
    • Time Management:I'm an expert
    • Travel Planning:No experience

    Admin Support Experience:


Real Estate

    • Craigslist Posting/Marketing:No experience
    • Direct Mail Marketing:No experience
    • Posting Listings Online:I've done it a few times
    • Prospecting:No experience
    • REO Asset Management:No experience
    • Telephone Support:I've done it a few times
    • Transaction Processing:I'm good at it
    • Trustee Sale Tracking:No experience

    Real Estate Experience:










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