Mannhart Management Culture: (Brand Alignment):

Culture includes the organization values, visions, norms, working language, systems, symbols, beliefs and habits. It is also the pattern of such collective behaviors and assumptions that are taught to new organizational members as a way of perceiving, and even thinking and feeling

Define what Mannhart Management company is doing as a whole? (Mission Statement)

Combining technology with knowledge, education, awareness to reach more people than conventional/traditional methods toward better health, greater happiness, personal fulfillment and meaning in life.

What problems it solves?

Helping people see the root causes of health problems so they can discover true, lasting solutions instead of treating symptoms, which results in chronic diseases and suffering. 

What is the burning problem?

The epidemic of sickness worldwide due to toxins from modern lifestyle, products, and environment causing pain, suffering, chronic mental, psychological and physical illnesses and death. 

What is our pain-killing solution?

Bringing awareness through education of the root causes of the epidemic and strategies and methods for stopping and reversing the epidemic person-by-person.

What is the business model?

Selling products and services at low prices, primarily online, to reach a large audience and to sell customized services to individuals at higher prices.

What describes our Vision?

People more aware, able to recognize consequences of poor decisions, able to make good decisions so clients are more in balance and helping, supporting each other. They know what makes them sick, what makes them healthy, teaching others. 

The long-term consequence of more and more people demanding healthy goods and services, and rejecting (not buying) unhealthy goods and services causes a worldwide shift in the supply of healthy ones and the extinction of unhealthy ones.

What makes Mannhart Management Company different?

Not interested in selling products to maximize profits; true goal is to maximize 

healing and happiness.

Healing v. treating symptoms. 

Detoxing as prerequisite for healing. 

Food as medicine.

Lifestyle and product choices are critical.

Empowering customers, increasing self-confidence, supporting customers in making 

changes that will benefit them.

What makes us proud/fulfith/happy about?

When clients succeed in becoming healthier.

When they want other people to know about it, pass along some knowledge or 


What Mannhart Management company believes?

People have been brainwashed by the media, schools, companies who want to sell them products, government, churches, religions.

People are unaware, not present, to what it is all about.

The public are subjected to mental, emotion, physical and environmental toxins (poisons).

Therefore, detoxing is one critical process that is needed.

If body and mind are detoxed, body and mind can be self-healing if nourished.

Cancer is an overreaction of the body, is a symptom of underlying problems.

Not to focus on symptoms, focus on causes.

Find root of problems.

Treating symptoms can be counterproductive.

Healthy food is critical for good health.

Education is key to becoming aware to a healthy lifestyle.

Be open minded, willing to change beliefs.

Fun, entertaining methods make learning new things easy and keeps people wanting 

to learn more.

Happiness is a skill to develop.

Genuine happiness is cultivated from within.

Positive feelings come from within.

Emotional balance requires regulation.

Do not seek external products or people to create happiness.

What Mannhart Management company values?

We value: honesty, integrity, compassion, fairness, knowledge, respect,  generosity, fulfillment (self actualization).

What are our company norms?

Definition: The rules of behavior that are part of the ideology of the group. Norms tend to reflect the values of the group and specify those actions that are proper and those that are inappropriate, as well as rewards for adherence and the punishment for conformity.

Positive, trustworthy, empowered, courage, patience, love, hope, passion for health, food, and life; appreciation, transparency.

What Mannhart Management company systems?

A methodical procedure or process that is used as a mechanism for providing specific goods or services to customers.

Live-streaming platform, internet website, video chat, social networks, DVDs, emailing, phone, slideshows/presentation, Youtube recorded videos on demand, books, people (in-home services and chefs), online store.

What Mannhart Management company symbols?

Logos, trademarks, web domains, blogs, social pages (Facebook, Youtube, Google+

Pinterest, Instagram...)

What Mannhart Management company habits?

Hardworking, good time management, clear communication, meeting deadlines, asking for direction when needed but self-reliant if not needed, self development/personal growth, ethical¸ personal freedom and responsibility, professionalism, consistency, taking instruction, being precise, working to fulfill a mission bigger than oneself.


How our company gets things done?

Being clear on goals and tasks, being focused, doing things right the first time, measure twice, cut once; strive for excellence, being practical, through coordination/integration, with strong leadership, mutual commitment, mutual  support, focus on customer experience, effective systems and processes. 

We are expending and we have a few jobs opening:

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We having openings for:

- SEOs 

- PAs 

- Video Editors

- Chefs.

Opening in Los-Angeles, California, US:

- Camera Crews

- Personal Cooks

- Lifestyle Coaches

- Health Coaches

- Personal Trainers

- Yoga Instructors

We also have Internships and Volunteers position all year long:

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