Businesses succeed or fail based on the food and service experiences that they deliver for the price. While most restaurants offer a food menu that reflects a defined type of cuisine or style, many fail to create an accompanying style or type of service that enhances their customers’ total experience. What we do is work with restaurant owners and managers to create a service identity and the discipline it takes to express that identity through its employees.

Create a Service Identity:

In many cases, service can differentiate a restaurant even more so than the food. That’s because restaurants are fundamentally a people business.

Making service a competitive advantage is not only a smart decision, but it’s also a cost effective thing to do. Employee wages will be about the same whether the service is outstanding or poor. The same is not true for your bottom line.

The service identity should fit with the food menu. Fine dining demands attention to detail by servers, such as signature tableside services like deboning fish or being served by a Maître Fromager from a cheese trolley. Ethic food will be enhanced by practicing the food and etiquette customs of the culture. Casual food menus are complemented by quick service and entertaining themes.

There is much room for creativity. Service is key to customer referrals and repeat business.

Create a Manual of Style:

Once we help you create a service identity, the next step is creating an Employee Handbook. This manual does not necessarily have to be long, it just has to clearly cover how managers and servers need to perform their regular duties and how to handle problems and more unusual circumstances.

Topics that should be covered in this Handbook range from how to behave professionally and how to speak to customers, to what knowledge about menu items is required, and to appearance and hygiene standards.

Train Managers and Servers:

Friendliness and efficiency are two universal ingredients. The first of these attributes can be detected in the interview process. Managers and servers should recognize frequent customers by name, as possible.

Achieving efficiency comes from direction and training. Most people need to be told and shown how to do things as they ought to be done, such as scanning the room every time to see who needs service.

Create Repeatable Experience:

There is a period where employees must be observed and corrected when performing their duties. The length and scope of this work is highly variable, depending on the type of restaurant. New managers and servers can be trained by seasoned employees.

Social Marketing Goals and Efforts:

Once services are improved, it’s important to get the word out. We can help your restaurant set marketing goals and contribute to your social marketing campaign. One important element is customer feedback and testimonials that can be verified through social media sites.

Measure and Track Results:

As always, it’s important to measure results to track the gains being made. We can help you analyze customer counts, spend per customer, as well as tips as time progresses.

Strategic Financial Planning and Implementation:

Creating a personal financial road map, planning and executing:

Understanding your financial situation, identify hidden cash flow, reducing operation costs, defining a smart budget, proven strategies to make money work harder for your business (saving, managing, investing..).









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