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Thank you for signing up to learn more about our 12 steps From Hell To Health program with health coach Natacha Mannhart.


In this short video, we will start with what’ wrong with ‘crash diets’ and explain the major parts of our program and what makes it so different and why you will succeed. Finally, we invite you to book a free 30-minute appointment with us to talk about taking the first step to the new you.


What’s wrong with crash diets?


Their objective is a fast reduction in your body weight. They achieve this by starving the body. It’s not fun to starve. It causes suffering. Lack of essential vitamins and minerals cause emotional and psychological problems.

Many people cannot keep up with their responsibilities under such conditions. This is all a recipe for failure. When people end the diet, having lost weight, they binge, and regain weight quickly. All of this is not healthy or recommended.


My ______________________________________.


My program is a live-streaming, personal coaching approach. I work with my clients on a one-to-one basis. And there are group activities, which I explain.


The fastest way to change your behavior is to change your beliefs. People don’t change what they eat until they change what they think. A big part of my program involves nutritional information about food and the impact of lifestyle choices that you may not know. If you are open to accepting this information, it will help you want to change your choices.


A second part of my approach is to give you choices that are not only better for you, but taste better and are more satisfying. Instead of starving, you are loading yourself with vitamins and minerals that are going to give you more, not less, energy.


A third part of my program is to deal with emotional and psychological issues that may otherwise hold you back. We have to work on removing psychological blocks.


Seeing results provides motivation. Most people also can benefit from motivational messages.


In addition, I offer support group meetings.


Begin seeing progress right away. Results last a lifetime.









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