Have you ever think about financial freedom, would financial freedom liberated you from stress and worried and continue support your journey toward health. Do you know that you can create the life of your dreams by design? Lifestyle-By-Design with Mannhart Management will help you create a system that will free you from the rat-race, overworked hours, burnout and the well known I hate my job. My helping you gaining clarity on your life purpose we will design you a business in a box so you can drive and prosper and have more time for taking care of yourself and do what's make you happy and fulfilled. 


Financial Freedom  Moving Behind Emotional and Fears:

Is your money blueprint coming back into your way when it comes to your financial wealth? Does that create stress and endless worried. Do you thing you have been programs since your younger age about how money will come and leave into your life. From parents to school teachers to friends…Are you sick and tired of this situation? We can show you how to create your financial future by design. You can shift your mindset. Imagine the difference when you will not be a slave to money anymore but in control. Would it bring more joy, serenity, happiness, fulfillment. Would it create time for you to focus on what you really like to do in your life, what you want to become and accomplish. Would you be ready to changes lives all arounds you and educate others on these principles? Come join our seminar and learn how to solve this well kept secret formula. 

Weekly support group also available.










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